What is ADT?

ADT is America's #1 home security company, helping to protect the people and things you value most 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In order to sign up for ADT through ACN, you must:

  • Own your home (no renters)*
  • Pass a credit check**
  • Not be under contract with ADT or any home security provider
  • Be without ADT service for at least 3 months and be in good standing
  • Have a landline, compatible cable or digital phone service for Essentials and Essentials Plus service
  • Have a valid credit card, debit card, or checking account
  • Agree to a 36-month monitoring agreement or pay for the 3 years of service up front
  • Be setting up service for a residential account
  • * Residences zoned as a business may not be eligible. At this time we do not offer service to businesses through ACN.

    ** If the minimum credit requirement is not met, customers may opt to pay the 36 month monitoring fees in advance.

No, commercial spaces are not eligible; you can only set up service for your home if you are the owner.

There are 3 options; the installer will determine the best option based on the components of the existing system.

  • "Take-over": Our technician will attempt to take over the existing equipment and activate it with ADT.
  • "Swap-out": If the technician is unsuccessful (current control panel cannot be unlocked) he will swap out the existing control panel for a new one and provide UP TO 2 new keypads (if customer has 2 or more keypads) and provide a quality service plan on any new ADT installed control panel and keypads. In either the "take-over" or "swap-out" scenario the technician will perform a diagnostic test on all existing equipment.
  • If both the take-over and swap-out are unsuccessful, the customer would qualify for a new basic wireless package at no additional charge. Please note: The technician will not uninstall the existing non-working system.


For most customers the offered packages provide sufficient equipment to securely protect their home. However, if you feel you would like additional equipment be sure to ask your home security expert. Our agents will make notations on the work order for the technician to guarantee the technician has the extra equipment when they come to your home. It is not mandatory that you purchase additional equipment but the option is available to you.

Examples of additional equipment; extra door or window contacts, a second digital keypad, and glassbreak sensor.

No. The cameras are wireless and designed to fit every situation. While they are able to be mounted to a flat surface, they don’t have to be. In most cases, customers prefer to not mount their cameras so that they can move the camera to a different location at their discretion.

For your privacy, the only people who can view your recorded or live video feed are those you have personally invited to be part of your secure Pulse portal.

With the ADT PulseSM lamp module, you can control your light from anywhere in the world via your secure web portal, mobile phone, or tablet. On your web portal you can automate your lights to turn on/off at specific and/or random times – or even when triggered by an alarm event like the opening of the front door.

Monitoring Options

CellGuard® allows you to use cellular technology to stay in touch with your ADT home security monitoring center. With CellGuard®, even downed telephone lines won't prevent you from communicating with your ADT dispatcher to get the help you need

Installation is $99 (paid during order process).

Yes! CellGuard® is a digital cellular back-up technology that enables your home security system to communicate with ADT's monitoring centers through the use of cell towers. This option is best for customers who do not have a landline phone. Call 1-855-619-1683 to be connected to a Home Security expert who can give you more details.

A telephone based monitored alarm system (i.e. Essentials and Essentials Plus) uses a phone line to contact a central monitoring center in the event of fire or a break in. The monitoring station tries to contact homeowner to verify the event prior to contacting police, fire dept, or ambulance.

ACN Digital Phone Service does not support use of a telephone based monitored alarm system, and ACN recommends against using a telephone based monitored alarm system with ACN Digital Phone Service. There are several options for having a telephone - based monitored alarm system and using ACN Digital Phone Service. You can talk to your licensed security professional about using a basic service landline or wireless communications to support your monitored alarm system. Such wireless communications include the CellGuard system which can be purchased at no additional installation charge and with an additional monthly fee.

A wireless alarm system like CellGuard does not depend on a phone line to contact a central monitoring station. These systems use radio signal transmission through cell towers to communicate an alarm signal to the monitoring stations. Please remember ACN is not a security company and can not make specific recommendations about security systems.

If for any reason you lose Internet connectivity - due to a power outage or problem with your Internet service provider - ACN Digital Phone Service will not work, and your alarm system (if connected to your ACN Digital Phone Service or another approved digital phone provider) will NOT be able to transmit an emergency signal if triggered. For this reason we recommend you use wireless monitoring, or keep a basic traditional landline dedicated to your home alarm system and use ACN Digital Phone Service for the rest of your calling needs.

Order and Installation Process

Phone Orders Only. Call (855) 619-1683 to be connected to a Home Security expert. Have your ACN Representative Team ID available.

Business Hours:

M-Thurs 8am-10:30pm Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm all EST

You may be able to have your service installed as early as the next day. Saturday appointments are also available.

Similar to when you set up your utilities, ADT needs to verify you meet the minimum requirements since customers will receive free equipment and are expected to sign up for a 36-month monitoring commitment.

Yes! A 36 month contract is industry standard. Please keep in mind, you cannot be under contract with ADT or any home security provider (month to month is permitted assuming the agreement is terminated by the time ADT monitoring begins)

Customers are permitted to cancel their contract for two reasons:

  • If you cancel within 3 business days of install by sending in the Notice of Cancellation, there is no penalty (Notice of Cancellation is provided at time of install). The dealer will remove the equipment in the home then refund your installation fee.
  • If you cancel more than 3 business days after your install and before the end of your contract, you are responsible for 75% of the remaining monthly monitoring contract balance

Contact ADT; terms and fees associated with moving the service vary.

Within the Continental U.S. call (855) 619-1683 to be connected to a Home Security expert and provide them with your zip code. ADT is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.*

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